About Dane Hunter Artography

Dane Hunter, photographer and owner of Dane Hunter Artography runs a photography business out of his home in Clovis, California, "Gateway to the Sierras".  He marvels how magnificently ordered the world is, culminating in the breathtaking beauty of science and nature.  

Growing up as a son of a National Forest Ranger afforded Dane with the opportunity to be raised in the back yard of the Eastern and 
Western range of the High Sierras.  His playgrounds were Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Yosemite National Park, and the Inyo National Forest.  Being raised in the mountains instilled the love of and respect for nature, allowing him to experience its silence and renewing sense of well being.

Dane's passion of art began at an early age.  On his path to photography Dane also worked in pencil, oils and watercolors.  It wasn't until years later that he picked up a camera, and began discovering the beauty of the High Sierras through a lens.  As a Chemistry teacher, his second love involved anything related to Science, learning how things worked at sub microscopic levels, creating in him a fascination with the world's amazing order to every system.  Some may inquire about the name "artography". Simply put, Dane blends art, with the science of photography, producing images of action of radiant energy.

Today he still marvels at the peace and solitude of the still quiet Sierras, with their majestic beauty and untamed wilderness.  While skiing, hiking, or fishing, his passion is to capture the peace of nature and share that with those who may seek peace to a restless heart, and find comfort in the timeless beauty of a world outdoors.

Hunter specializes in fine art, landscape and portraiture photography utilizing nature as the backdrop. He is available for destination weddings, family gatherings, and special events/life occasions.

                                                                                                                                  -Dane Hunter